Bonifacio High Street Central

Manila, Philippines

Recreation redefined

Bonifacio High Street Central is a landmark in the newest business district of Bonifacio Global City. The primary feature of the 6-block commercial development is its inward orientation toward an 800-meter long and 40-meter wide central landscaped open space, which allows for a pleasant setting for relaxing recreational activities for office workers, families and friends. It was one of Aidea’s venture into designing a retail and office development which presented a great opportunity to incorporate novel and unique design features to break the regularity of a series of square buildings into an interesting mix.


Client: Ayala Land, Inc.
Location: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines
Size: 81,000 sqm
Typology: Retail
Services: Architecture
Year: 2014
In collaboration with Studio Taku Shimizu

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Capping the vibrant environment of Bonifacio High Street, BHS Central houses offices, retail outlets, and restaurants. The architecture provides a backdrop to part of the landscaped central spine around which the entire length of Bonifacio High Streets is organized, thus creating a pleasing harmony with the park setting and well-defined sense of place.

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