Virtual Design and Construction
(VDC) Services

VDC enables everyone involved in a project to simulate their work in a 3D virtual environment, where plans are tested and potential design clashes are resolved before any actual construction or fabrication is done. By first collaborating digitally, we minimize revisions and improve construction quality within a shorter timeframe and at less cost.

Automation and Customization

Through the firm’s software development department, Aidea customizes programs that automate VDC processes and repetitive modeling tasks. We configure our capability to cater to the client’s unique processes.

Aidea’s in-house plugins help architects and designers analyze areas and efficiencies, check building code compliance, create clash detection reports, produce construction drawings, specifications, and tags, generate quantities and cost estimates, all in an instant, through automation.

Aidea maximizes the use of digital technologies through data optimization to improve quality, boost productivity, streamline project milestones and increase cost savings throughout the building lifecycle.